F1 2023 is Not a Competition, But I Watch Anyway

I’m currently sitting down on a Sunday morning, watching the replay of the Baku race. I was able to avoid being spoiled on the outcome, so we’ll see how well this post ages…but I have a hunch.

I have been following F1 since Vettel’s first championship year (2010). I have never seen a mismatch like this year’s Red Bull. Even when a Mercedes 1-2 was all but a certainty for so many years in a row, I haven’t ever seen a speed gap like this. A Red Bull overtake, with DRS open, looks like F1 vs F2. There is no defense. It’s essentially Red Bull’s decision how far ahead of the competition they will be by the end.

As a quick PSA for the best free tool I think I’ve ever used…If you are an F1 fan, I can’t let a mention of “watching the race” go by without bragging on the absolutely fantastic MultiViewer for F1.

If you’re in a country which has F1 TV Pro service, you can use MultiViewer to enable seeing many views at once. I love it so much, and I worry each year how Liberty will eventually respond. There is no doubt it drives F1 TV Pro subscriptions, but you know how corporations are… If there is value on the table, no one else can claim it (even if they aren’t charging for it).

I use a 4-box approach:

  • International race feed
  • Driver Tracker
  • Data Channel
  • Live Timing

Apologies for the photo - These are video feeds which don’t show up in a screenshot: My MultiViewer Setup