👋🏼 I am Raineer. I’m a part-engineer, part-PM, all of “whatever pays the bills”.

When I was a teenager, I started at “Big Blue” in the printing division, and that pretty much set up what I’d be doing as a career. I never thought I’d be a printer-person, but it’s hard to leave a solid paycheck.

If I could do things again…physics is where my heart lies. I code whenever I can, but feel like I would lose my desire if it was ever my dayjob.

If you want to reach me, I am Raineer at frontrange.co, my own instance on Mastodon.

While the name of the site is targeted at those geographically near me, my instance is for all people who value inclusivity and kindness. Maybe you are somewhere else and wish you could break free and live in the hills of the Front Range 🥰 You’re welcome to join us!

Thank you for visiting my site, and have a great day!